Re: Style sheet that hides UA-specific requirements (was: Re: Rethinking HTML 5)

On Tue, 01 May 2007 23:53:39 +0200, Simon Pieters <>  

> For what it's worth... I've been working on a style sheet for the HTML5  
> spec that selects everything that does not apply to authors. I believe  
> this is a lot less work than creating two specs, but still achieves the  
> goal of hiding irrelevant stuff from authors.
> It's not completed yet, and it might not be fully correct or up-to-date,  
> but I hope that it will be helpful, especially since such a thing has  
> been requested multiple times in this mailing list. For now it just  
> grays out parts instead of hiding them completely.
> Contributors are welcome. I can move it to somewhere where it is easy to  
> contribute if there's anyone interested in doing so.

The project has moved to:

> It's here for now (if I move it I will make it redirect):

(I don't redirect it yet because svn is text/plain...)

Simon Pieters

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