Re: Hand-coding HTML (was: New html-element: table3)

Daniel Glazman wrote:
> Maurice wrote:
>> I think...
>> I hand code
>> You probably hand code
>> The people we hire are required to hand code
>> The people who hire us require that we hand code
>> 99.9% of the people in this group hand code 90% of the time at least
>> (wild
>> guess)
>> So in total that's what...0.07% of the planet
>> The rest of the world does not and will not want to hand code.
>> People will hand code things for those people to be able to use
>> without hand coding. Those who want to get into the hand coding
>> business will be willing to learn. The work we are doing now will
>> make it easier for those people to do complex things in the future.
>> People not willing to 'learn' but still want to play around with
>> html will likely continue to use a mix of hand coding and wysiwyg
>> and will continue to create 1996 era sites. The rest of the world
>> will be updating forms on myspace2.0
>> There will always be hand coders. There will always be non coders.
>> The non coders will always outnumber us. The non coders will always
>> be dependant on us to build something they can use to create stuff
>> on their own without coding. That's what I think.
> Amen to that.
> I entirely agree with that if you except myspace 2.0 ;-)

Note that right now, a large potion of all myspace users are filling in
forms which involve playing around with hand coding HTML+CSS... for the
most part they don't know what "valid HTML" is, but they have at least a
basic idea of what tags do what.  I'm not sure this is a direct reply to
anyone's point -- but I think it's worth mentioning.

Andrew Sidwell

Received on Tuesday, 1 May 2007 14:37:56 UTC