Re: Support Existing Content

Murray Maloney wrote:

 > Sorry. This doesn't help me at all. It still speaks to user agents.
 >         HTML 5 will be a superset of all previous incarnations of HTML,
 >         whether as W3C specification, user agent instantiations, or
 >         instances of HTML documents on the web and on intranets.
 >         (As a result, user agents which can accommodate HTML 5 should
 >         be able to accommodate earlier versions of HTML.)
 > Does that say what needs to be said?

To me, that suggests that HTML5 will include all the errors
of earlier versions of HTML, including those formally marked
as deprecated.  This is, in my opinion, exactly the opposite
of what is actually required.  HTML5 should expunge all formally
deprecated elements unless there is virtually universal agreement
that one or more /must/ be carried forward, not for reasons of
backwards-compatibility but because the element is /needed/
(as opposed to "used in the wild").  HTML5 /may/ add some new
elements, but once again there has to be a clear and irrefutable
case for their being added.

Thus I for one do not believe that HTML5 should for one moment
be thought of as a superset of all previous incarnations, but
rather something that is based on a lean, clean, mean subset.

Philip Taylor

Received on Tuesday, 1 May 2007 14:40:56 UTC