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On 5/1/07 10:37 AM, "Andrew Sidwell" <> wrote:

> Daniel Glazman wrote:
>> Maurice wrote:
>>> I think...
>>> I hand code
>>> You probably hand code
>>> The people we hire are required to hand code
>>> The people who hire us require that we hand code
>>> 99.9% of the people in this group hand code 90% of the time at least
>>> (wild
>>> guess)
>>> So in total that's what...0.07% of the planet
>>> The rest of the world does not and will not want to hand code.
>>> People will hand code things for those people to be able to use
>>> without hand coding. Those who want to get into the hand coding
>>> business will be willing to learn. The work we are doing now will
>>> make it easier for those people to do complex things in the future.
>>> People not willing to 'learn' but still want to play around with
>>> html will likely continue to use a mix of hand coding and wysiwyg
>>> and will continue to create 1996 era sites. The rest of the world
>>> will be updating forms on myspace2.0
>>> There will always be hand coders. There will always be non coders.
>>> The non coders will always outnumber us. The non coders will always
>>> be dependant on us to build something they can use to create stuff
>>> on their own without coding. That's what I think.
>> Amen to that.
>> I entirely agree with that if you except myspace 2.0 ;-)
> Note that right now, a large potion of all myspace users are filling in
> forms which involve playing around with hand coding HTML+CSS... for the
> most part they don't know what "valid HTML" is, but they have at least a
> basic idea of what tags do what.  I'm not sure this is a direct reply to
> anyone's point -- but I think it's worth mentioning.
> Andrew Sidwell

If I were making 1/5 the money myspace is making I'd have given my users a
decent web based wysiwyg + style editor ages ago. Charged a fee to use it of
course. And charge a fee for prebuilt templates instead of letting a whole
industry be created around me that I don't get anything from.

And as for the people 'playing' with it at the moment. I'm sure the ones
who've actually had any success are the ones who took 20 minutes to learn
some basic info on hot css and tags work. If they want more success with it,
they will go learn more. But I'm sure most just copy/buy templates.

Also, there are other sites with a similar purpose to myspace that have much
better html. I doubt a huge industry will be built around those sites since
it's easier to style your page since there's less crap html you have to make
css workarounds for and it would seem the html was written specifically for
easy styling.

Anyone here styled a myspace page before? I consider myself pretty good at
css after 3 years of doing it but even I just gave the #*&# up on styling a
myspace page and copied a template.

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