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> Wednesday, June 13, 2007 6:33 PMSean Owen
> > I do think it's feasible to write once for the desktop and some kind
> > of portable device, but such a device is substantially different
> > what people have in their average phone / browser.
> The mobile industry's aims are clear from their actions: make the
> web
> available [3][4]. Surely W3C's MWI should be centered on making that
> happen
> faster and more effectively? The current work seems to be on degrading
> current content to accomodate a DDC akin to decade-old phones which,
> no longer exist.

The issue with mobile presentation includes the limitations of devices
and the supporting networks but is not limited to it. 

The work of the BPWG also relates to the desirability of determining the
user's context and presenting information in a way that is sympathetic
to that context and likely interest of the user while mobile. It's also
clear that the means of interacting with the Web is radically different
when using a keyboard and mouse as compared with using a 4 way rocker
and a 12 key pad.

In the Mobile Web Best Practices document, we state our belief that the
benefits of the Web are maximised if the same information is available
from the same URIs (Thematic Consistency) irrespective of your device.
However, we don't think that it necessarily follows that a uniform
method of representing content or interacting with it is desirable. 

I don't disagree that a "full Web" experience on your phone is a reality
on some devices today - but I think it important to note that the
arrival of faster networks and more sophisticated devices is not a world
wide phenomenon. It's also arguable as to whether users in developed
markets will always want to use more sophisticated devices - when there
are likely to be models that are more suited to sport or leisure use.

In short, we are addressing a tremendously diverse target. The situation
is a mess, and I don't think the answer is to sit back, do nothing and
wait for faster, cheaper networks and more sophisticated devices.


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