Re: please reivew mobileOK Basic Tests 1.0

On 14.06.2007, at 11:21, Jo Rabin wrote:

> I don't disagree that a "full Web" experience on your phone is a  
> reality
> on some devices today - but I think it important to note that the
> arrival of faster networks and more sophisticated devices is not a  
> world
> wide phenomenon.

While you can view desktop Web content on higher end mobile phones,  
even the most capable small screen devices are not able to deliver an  
_enjoyable_ browsing experience with content that was made for  
desktop use. Raster images are degraded in quality (despite the fact  
that they are download in full), pages are endless, the resulting  
layout is often surprising, navigation is almost always difficult to  
use (and it takes far too many clicks and zooms to get where you  
want), etc. Client side adaptation (smart fit rendering, etc.) does  
not seem to provide a solution for these issues. I think the MWBP  
documents do.


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