Re: volunteers to review a few sections of the HTML 5 spec in detail?

On 6/8/07, Henrik Dvergsdal <> wrote:

> I wonder if there are any guidelines for such reviews.
> Wouldn't it be useful to have a common set of questions and/or other
> types of clues towards what we should look for?
> Or maybe we should just review against the design principles?

Yes, I asked about using Lachlan Hunt's set of questions[1] May 30th [2]:

> has the working group agreed that the following are indeed the
> questions that need to be answered for each feature:
>> * What are the use cases?
>> * What problems it solves and how?
>> * Who benefits and how?
>> * The incentive that authors will have to actually use it.
>> * How it could be implemented.
>> * The incentive that UA vendors have to implement it.

I agree, Henrik, a common set of reviewing questions and guidelines
would provide a baseline. They would help:

1. Promote consistent and fair reviews and decision making.
2. Aid in communication and understanding.
3. Help avoid needless arguments and churning of issues.
4. Encourage outcomes that reflect what is important to the working group.
5. Benefit working group progress.

Lachlan Hunt's questions along with Anne's could be a good start;
revising, adding or deleting per group consensus.



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