Re: Moving forward? (issue tracking, spec review, shaping email discussions)

On 5/30/07, Leif Halvard Silli <> wrote:

> The «test questions» by Lachlan Hunt which you quoted (below), seem
> very relevant when reviewing the text and discussing features in
> detail. Do those questions perhaps exemplify the kind of principles
> you want us to have? Somehow, I would rather call them «reviewing
> principles».

I think WHATWG may have used those questions in decision making prior
to joining up with W3C. Or maybe they are Lachlan's own decision
making process.  Either way, the group could benefit from some sort of
reviewing questions. Those six questions could be a good start;
revising, adding or deleting per group consensus.

> With the headers/scope debate in mind, I have a little bit
> difficulty in exactly understanding what counts as UA vendor
> incentives, though.

I do too. That's why some definitions of terms would be helpful.

> Just to try to apply those principles and some of the arguments
> heard, on a totally randomly chosen problem. Such «principles» can
> proably help us in the review.


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