Re: About the Web Forms 2 proposal

John Boyer wrote:

> Hi Daniel,
> I am deeply familiar with requirements of forms for vertical industries.

I am deeply familiar with the implementation and deployment of such
forms in a 130,000 employees company. And I'm french living in France,
the true country of paroxystic bureaucracy where forms are a way of
life. You can't compete :-)

> 1) Weaknesses in CSS should not be used as an excuse for limiting 
> innovation in HTML, otherwise limitations in HTML will then be used as 
> an excuse for limiting advancement of CSS.

My comment was unrelated to HTML and strictly limited to CSS.

> 2a) Verticals like insurance are finding huge benefits from XForms.  You 
> completely miss the point.  The spreadsheet was built to move power *out 
> of the hands* of expensive professionals and into the hands of people 
> closer to the domain experts.  XForms seeks the same effect now.  Before 
> high level language were invented, only expensive contractors were able 
> to maintain the machine language needed for computer programs.  Now 
> we're having the same thing happen with the machine language of the web, 
> and it's time to learn the high level language lesson again.

"Verticals" as you call them don't want another Oracle Forms given how
much they've paid for that for the last 15 years.

> 2b) Why on earth do you think XForms is different in spirit than the 
> "main content language's"?

I never said that. You are drawing your own conclusions here.


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