Re: missing principle wrote:

> Daniel,
> To which one answer would be that this is a WG of the W3C which stands for
> World Wide Web and it has no mandate to deal with email which has a
> completely different set of problems so whether or not HTML has a role
> outside W3C is not the concern of W3C or this WG therefore.

Bob, thanks. I spent the last ten years of my life lurking in W3C WGs
on behalf of at least three different companies, and worked on email
and in particular multimedia email before.
If I follow you correctly, PNG should never have emerged from W3C.

> Don't destroy HTML on the Web by making it usable as a way of sending email.

You don't get it. You don't get it at all. There is no need to make HTML
usable as email content. It **is** email content. It's not a request,
it's a fact. Like it or not, the consortium has to deal with it.


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