Re: missing principle


To which one answer would be that this is a WG of the W3C which stands for
World Wide Web and it has no mandate to deal with email which has a
completely different set of problems so whether or not HTML has a role
outside W3C is not the concern of W3C or this WG therefore.

Don't destroy HTML on the Web by making it usable as a way of sending email.


> I think we miss one principle about the ubiquity of HTML. HTML is not
> only used in web browsers. It's used in email and there are more
> HTML-based email authors than Web page authors, it's used to design and
> print books, it's used for messages in interserver communications.
> Editability of HTML is also a key issue. Designing cool and powerful
> features is one thing, making them editable and therefore reachable by
> the masses is another one.
> As a side note to our conf call yesterday, I spent the last fifteen
> years saying a few basic presentational elements are abolutely needed
> despite of the "theoretically pure" view of separation between content
> and presentation. Just like the style attribute.
> After I heard Murray yesterday, I just wanted it to be clear I support
> his comments about it entirely.
> </Daniel>

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