HTML5 as our specification text for review? (formal question WBS survey)

The chairs are satisfied that we've had sufficient
discussion on this matter, so I put to you 3 questions
by way of the WBS survey

Shall we Adopt HTML5 as our specification text for review? 

The deliverables section of our charter calls for A language evolved
from HTML4 for describing the semantics of documents and applications on
the World Wide Web. On 9 Apr 2007, Mozilla Foundation, Opera Software
ASA, and Apple Inc., who claim copyright on HTML5 and WF2, offered a
Proposal to Adopt HTML5.

Shall we adopt these documents as our basis for review?

A "yes" response indicates a willingness to use these documents as the
basis for discussion with the editors and the WG going forward. It does
not constitute endorsement of the entire feature set specified in these
documents, nor does it indicate that you feel that the documents in
their present state should become a W3C Recommendation or even a W3C
Working Draft.


Shall the W3C's next-generation HTML specification be named "HTML 5"?


Shall the editors of HTML5 be Ian Hickson and Dave Hyatt?


Decision process 

Consensus is a core value of W3C. Section 3.3 Consensus in the W3C
process defines consensus as a "substantial number" in support of a
proposal and no formal objections. A "no" vote in this survey is a
formal objection. An individual who registers a Formal Objection should
cite technical arguments and propose changes that would remove the
Formal Objection. Please put your arguments (or a pointer to your
arguments) in the rationale field.

For each question:

      * If the results indicate consensus, the question carries.
      * Otherwise, the chairs will consider the rationale behind the
        formal objections and decide whether to let the question carry
        despite these objections.

We'll take a week to allow WG participants to respond to this
questionnaires and then the chairs will announce the result.


Dan Connolly, W3C
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Received on Friday, 27 April 2007 18:56:41 UTC