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I agree with Daniel

Le 27 avr. 2007 à 17:23, Daniel Glazman a écrit :
> I think we miss one principle about the ubiquity of HTML. HTML is not
> only used in web browsers.

# Jabber is using XHTML 1.0, Modularization of XHTML

# Atom Syndication Format

   3.1.1.  The "type" Attribute

    Text constructs MAY have a "type" attribute.  When present, the  
    MUST be one of "text", "html", or "xhtml".  If the "type" attribute
    is not provided, Atom Processors MUST behave as though it were
    present with a value of "text".  Unlike the atom:content element
    defined in Section 4.1.3, MIME media types [MIMEREG] MUST NOT be  
    as values for the "type" attribute on Text constructs.

# Messengers
   The whole theme UI of Adium Messenger is made with HTML/CSS
   Plus they display formatted HTML messages from Gaim
   Though they will switch to an XML format for their log

# Search Engines
   HTML is being processed by search engines with a complete  
different view from browsers.
   There is a clear difference between
	Search Services: MS Live, Yahoo! and Google
	Search Engine: Spotlight, ht://Dig, Nutch, etc.
   The second ones are customizable for specific usage on a Web site  
accessible to the *public*

# HTML Authoring and Email
   HTML need to be authored and then it gives some constraints on the  
editability of the language.
   HTML in Email for examples being archived on the Web (for mailing  

# Canonical HTML
   It would be *useful* to have a canonical HTML
   	- exchange format between two applications (authoring tools)
           You keep separate the authoring style
           between two authors for example (number of tabs,
           return after block or not, etc.)
	- save as… in the browser
	- conversion, tidying a document, validation, helper

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