Re: New html-element: table3

On 4/24/07, Dmitry Turin <> wrote:
> Real users, with which i worked
> (nucleus physicists, optics physicists, molecular biologists,
> zoologists, ecologists),
> can not use JavaScript
> (JavaScript require excessively high qualification from them),
> but can use HTML (and SQL).
> I would like to help them by offered tag.

As a practical matter, I would point folks of that sort at OpenOffice (which
has a pretty decent save-to-HTML or PDF), Google Docs, or the like.  Hand
coding HTML (especially tables) is incredibly tedious, and not an efficient
use of their time.  (Incidentally, my long-ago college degree is in Physics,
not software.)

If hand-coding HTML makes little sense for non-software folk now, by the
time any change to HTML is widely adopted (likely several years from now),
the need will be even less.

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