Re: New html-element: table3

Dmitry Turin wrote:
> Good day, Jonas.
>> I would instead try to integrate the data attribute from <datalist>
> Excuse me, what is <datalist> ?
>>  and <select> elements.
> 1. How
> 2. What is advantage in comparison with my offer.

I think that your proposal is too specific to the situation you are 
apparently in, while it adds a lot of complexity to implementations. 
Additionally it requires many roundtrips to the server.

While I don't have a specific counter suggestion, i would like to see 
those problems solved in order to be useful for a larger number of people.

Note that you can already do what you are proposing using scripts and 
technologies like XMLHttpRequest or <iframe>s.

>> I'll make a post in a second regarding a related idea I have
> I will wait.

Sorry, i was confused about which mailing list I was on :) The 
suggestion has been sent to the whatwg list.

Best Regards,
Jonas Sicking

Received on Tuesday, 24 April 2007 16:30:28 UTC