Re: Level of specification detail (Was Re: Proposal to Adopt HTML5)

On 4/11/07, Karl Dubost <> wrote:
> With a bit of scripting, (and/or wikification), there might be a
> possibility for having something ala PHP documentation.  One of the
> cool things of PHP documentation is the breakdown of each feature
> with contributions from people. So not in the official specification
> but an annotated version of the new specification. Something similar
> had been done in the past with the [annotated XML Specification][1]
> by Tim Bray.
> [1]:

Karl, I think this is a great idea.  Kind of a literate programming
mashup where rich, peer reviewed documentation is stored in the source
itself (or deeply cross-referenced).  How would you suggest interested
parties investigate this further?

Others: Ian is an excellent communicator.  I suggest concerned parties
read samples of his specs, and then comment on readability.  Anne's
suggestion is a good one.


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