Re: Proposing <indent> vs. <blockquote>

Mike Schinkel schrieb:
> Dao Gottwald wrote:
>> "markup that expresses semantics is usually preferred to purely 
>> presentational markup" -- So you can't deprecate a semantic element in 
>> favor of a presentational one.
>> "HTML Strikes a balance between semantic expressiveness and practical 
>> usefulness." -- Explicitly removing semantics can't be considered as a 
>> balance. (I neither think <indent> would be useful.)
> I wanted to follow up with these principles which I believe support my 
> proposal, i.e. solve a real problem and give users priority by making it 
> easy for them:
>      Solve Real Problems
> SolveRealProblems </topic/SolveRealProblems>: Changes to the spec should 
> solve actual real-world problems. Abstract architectures that don't 
> address an existing need are less favored than pragmatic solutions to 
> problems that web content faces today. And existing widespread problems 
> /should/ be solved, when possible.

I don't see how "authors miss to define any semantics when indenting" is 
any better than "authors abuse <blockquote>". Prizing the abuse of 
<blockquote> (widespreadness yet to be proved) by adding an explicitly 
presentational element doesn't solve the problem, but manifests another one.

>      Priority of Constituencies
> PriorityOfConstituencies </topic/PriorityOfConstituencies>: In case of 
> conflict, consider users over authors over implementors over specifiers 
> over theoretical purity. In other words costs or difficulties to the 
> user should be given more weight than costs to authors; which in turn 
> should be given more weight than costs to implementors; which should be 
> given more weight than costs to authors of the spec itself, which should 
> be given more weight than those proposing changes for theoretical 
> reasons alone. Of course, it is preferred to make things better for 
> multiple constituencies at once.

Introducing presentational markup goes agains "users over authors".


Received on Thursday, 12 April 2007 10:20:59 UTC