RE: Proposal to Adopt HTML5

Ian Hickson wrote:
> There are far more sources of input than just these two 
> mailing lists. 
> There's also over a dozen IRC channels that I monitor, six or 
> so different 
> bug databases, blogs, blog comments, forums, lunch 
> discussions, direct 
> e-mail, implementation feedback, author feedback, research, 
> etc. We don't 
> have to argue the points to a conclusion; if I am asked to be 
> editor, I 
> will continue as I have at the WHATWG and take input from all 
> sources I 
> can into account when writing the spec. With the thousands of people 
> involved -- or even with just the three hundred in this group 
> -- you'll 
> never make everyone happy and have everyone agree anyway.

If you became editor and took input from people who have not agreed to the
patent policy couldn't this introduce legal issues for implementors?

Ben Meadowcroft

Received on Thursday, 12 April 2007 10:13:04 UTC