Re: Proposal to Adopt HTML5

Ian Hickson schreef:
> Even if the HTML group doesn't take the WHATWG spec as a base and agree to 
> have me as editor, I'm still going to be a member of the HTML group, and 
> would still argue for what I think the spec should say, which would be 
> based on all the input that I take into account when writing the WHATWG 
> spec -- I wouldn't characterise that as pressuring the HTML group, though.

What I wonder about is, you have quite specific opinions on certain 
things. Not that I do not value these opinions, however when the spec 
editor is argueing against you in a certain discussion, even pointing to 
the current working draft, with details of his viewpoint already 
specified although it is supposedly still under discussion, it can be 
rather discouraging.

Even though theoretically you would make changes if a lot of people 
agree on it, even if you might not agree with it entirely yourself (and 
I’m sure you are going to tell me that you have done that in various 
occasions :)), to me at least it is still difficult to uncouple the 
personal opinions from the job of the editor.

Do you think the spec editor should take a more ‘wait and see’ approach 
like say, the chairs seem to do?


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