Re: Proposal to Adopt HTML5

On 11 Apr 2007, at 13:49, Laurens Holst wrote:

> Geoffrey Sneddon schreef:
>>> You're free to argue against this proposal on the grounds that the
>>> step is too big. And I'm interested to learn about alternative
>>> ways to move forward.
>> I'm equally interested to hear about alternatives: plenty of  
>> people have already quite clearly stated that starting from HTML  
>> 4.01 is near unworkable, due to how vague it is, and nobody has  
>> put forward any other possible starting point.
> As this is the second time I hear someone say that no alternatives  
> have been offered, I’d like to refer to my earlier message where I  
> suggested two other approaches:
> I think both are based on the idea of cutting up the WHATWG’s specs  
> a little, the first doing a quick review for patents and then  
> copying over everything that’s not ‘dangerous’ and keeping the  
> remainder in a separate ‘sandbox’ for more in-depth review; the  
> second cutting up the spec in smaller ‘units’ that can be discussed  
> and integrated into the specification one by one.

In my view these are really just the same, they're both using the  
WHATWG's specs as a starting point (albeit probably with some changes).

- Geoffrey Sneddon

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