Re: Proposal to Adopt HTML5

On Tue, 10 Apr 2007, Elliott Sprehn wrote:
> My question is where you stand if the HTML WG goes a different route on 
> an issue. Those emails state that the WHATWG, and you, will ensure the 
> two specs are synchronized and that the WHATWG spec is, at most, a 
> superset, but not the means by which you intend to reach this goal.
> Are you going to pressure the HTML WG to follow the WHATWG's design and 
> decisions ensuring its a subset, or are you going to change the WHATWG's 
> spec so it remains a superset?

Even if the HTML group doesn't take the WHATWG spec as a base and agree to 
have me as editor, I'm still going to be a member of the HTML group, and 
would still argue for what I think the spec should say, which would be 
based on all the input that I take into account when writing the WHATWG 
spec -- I wouldn't characterise that as pressuring the HTML group, though.

Does that make sense?

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