wg members status

As Karl recently pointed out in www-html, we're now more than 300
on the mailing-list... Not only we don't know who is really who
but we don't know who is planning to really participate and
who's just visiting. This 300+ number just scares me.

It already seems old to me, but in my comments on the first charter,
I proposed to adapt the "in good standing" status for this WG. Here's
what I have in mind : have two different status for people in this WG,
"participant" and "observer". Everyone is "observer" by default, meaning
you're receiving the mailing-list. Only "participants" can post to the
mailing-list. Moving to "participant" requires an action from the
member, namely check a box in a web page and click on Apply.
It should also be possible to move back to "observer" (maybe not for
W3C full members).

I have no idea if this is feasible in the w3c admin system, but I think
it would help us a bit manage the whole thing. I am just thinking at
loud here, so please no flame in return.

PS: /me waves at Cyra

Received on Wednesday, 11 April 2007 06:22:08 UTC