Re: wg members status

Hi everybody:

I think having 300+ person on this list is a risk when we are talking 
about an open list. I'm new on the list and I thank all people who had 
the wonderful idea to have an open list to discuss HTML. Me, I am just a 
web developer, and as an individual I felt curious about HTML 5, and I 
requested to join the public mailing list. Now, I'm just trying to get 
in shape and update myself with the drafts to see what's the status of 
things out there, and for sure, hopefully I will contribute to the list 
with my opinions. I guess there are people here who can not be in a 
teleconference, but instead they can follow discussions through this 
mailing list.

> As Karl recently pointed out in www-html, we're now more than 300
> on the mailing-list... Not only we don't know who is really who
> but we don't know who is planning to really participate and
> who's just visiting. This 300+ number just scares me.

Received on Wednesday, 11 April 2007 21:57:10 UTC