innerHTML and setTimeout

The WHATWG proposal makes a couple of modest recommendations that 
seem to be rather worth endorsing, since people have been using them 
for almost a decade now: innerHTML and setTimeout.

I gather (somewhat informally) that neither has appeared as a part of 
W3C recos, but both have their merits and (I suppose) shortcomings. 
All the major browsers seem to support both, so why not make them 
official? * Both things are a part of the landscape of extant dynamic 
web programming, for better or worse.

I am unsure whether this group will ultimately be allowed to 
undertake line-item review of parts of the WHATWG proposal. Always an 
optimist, I assume that W3C might at some time have an opportunity to 
accept some, but perhaps not all, of what WHATWG has so generously 
provided, without breaking the web.

David Dailey

*I do have a quibble with setTimeout. From the WHATWG working draft:
"Thus the HTML scripting model [for setTimeout]is strictly 
single-threaded and not reentrant."
which may be worth voicing at some time, I think, since it causes 
some amount of agony.

Received on Monday, 9 April 2007 17:09:06 UTC