Proposing <indent> vs. <blockquote>

Here is a quick proposal.  I've not done any research on it, but reading 
someone's email about how badly <blockquote> is misused got me thinking 
about the need for something that performs the indentation of a block 
quote without the semantics.  I frequently find myself using a 
<blockquote> when what I really want is a visual indent.  Yes, I can use 
CSS, but indent is such a common need that I end up using <blockquote> 
because it doesn't require me to remember the idiosyncrasies of the box 
model and how it applies to different browsers. I use it even though I 
know I shouldn't.  Providing an <indent> would add zero semantic 
information yet make it easy for people to indent content and they could 
use the class attribute to provide additional semantics if desired.

That said, let the firestorm of disagreement begin... :-)

-Mike Schinkel -

Received on Monday, 9 April 2007 09:12:29 UTC