Re: Version information

On 8. apr. 2007, at 01.32, Lachlan Hunt wrote:

> The intention of HTML5 is for it to be defined in a way that *is*  
> compatible with the web


>  We need to define exactly how to handle the web as it is today and  
> that means defining how to handle today's content.

Lets say someone wants to create a 100% compliant browser completely  
from scratch, guided *only* by HTML5 and other standards external to  
HTML and with no prior knowledge of the functionality of current  

Should this browser then be compatible with "todays content"?

In other words: Should the standard be comprehensive and detailed  
enough to ensure that this browser will be able to handle every  
single page on "the web as it is today" in a way that doesn't  
surprise people to much?


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