Re: Version information

Chris Wilson wrote:
> Yes, we will require opt-ins to turn on "really really" standards
> mode in future versions of IE.

I do not understand.  The intention of HTML5 is for it to be defined in 
a way that *is* compatible with the web.  And assuming that is the case, 
you will be able to implement it because it will not significantly break 
compatibility.  This is in part because much of the processing 
requirements were based reverse engineering IE, Firefox, Opera and 
Safari.  If there is something in the spec that will significantly break 
compat, then we can revise the spec based on implementation experience.

IMHO, saying "we will not make any changes" is no way to make progress, 
it's will only prevent it.

> Every time this WG releases a new  version of HTML, if we can identify
> it we can automatically opt it in to "really really" standards mode.

It has already been explained why such a solution is unworkable in the 
real world for all future versions of HTML.  We need to define exactly 
how to handle the web as it is today and that means defining how to 
handle today's content.

Lachlan Hunt

Received on Saturday, 7 April 2007 23:32:39 UTC