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Henrik Dvergsdal wrote:
 > In other words: Should the standard be comprehensive and detailed
 > enough to ensure that this browser will be able to handle every single
 > page on "the web as it is today" in a way that doesn't surprise people
 > to much?

My personal opinion is to say "no," as this spec seems to be the first 
that really has a chance of being implemented similarly (the same?) 
across UAs.  That should be enough of a special case to allow us here to 
make some changes for HTML5+ to try to address some of the issues we as 
a community have with 4.1 and how it is handled by UAs.

However, it does seem that people are citing the principle that this 
spec should not "break the web," and one narrow interpretation of that 
is that it should address past markup in and of itself.

The perhaps broader interpretation, which I'd rather push, is that there 
could simply be a "legacy compatibility" addendum of HTML 4.1 to the 
spec for those who need/want to implement it.


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M. Jackson Wilkinson <> | mobile: 207.841.9103 | Grassroots Enterprise

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