Re: Naming Wiki Pages

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> On Apr 2, 2007, at 12:25 AM, Mike Schinkel wrote:
>> Marcos Caceres wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Can people please name things properly on the Wiki... naming pages
>>> "DeclWebFormExpr04"  is unhelpful. And please stop assigning numbers
>>> to issues as it makes no sense to do so.
>>> Kind regards,
>> To the contrary; it is very helpful. I am the one doing the 
>> assignment of numbers. I followed the lead of the TAG from their 
>> issue list.[1].
>> The benefit of assigning a sequential number is to make is very easy 
>> to do searches and get (almost) 100% relevant matches.  For example, 
>> try the following to searches:
>> I rest my case.  Of course if the chair(s) of this WG prefer me to do 
>> otherwise I will certainly acquiesce.
> I'd prefer not to have the numbers on Wiki names. If issues need to be 
> numbered, there should be a separate list.
Elliott Sprehn wrote:
> I agree. Can we get more descriptive wiki topic names too?
Both of your preference conflicts with mine, but as Karl Dubost said [1] 
"It's not how, it is actually doing it ;-)"  I took the initiative when 
nobody else was, and numbering is critical to the scheme I designed, for 
reasons previously stated.

If it doesn't work, then take the initiative and provide a better 
solution. Or use the one I've provided.
> A Wiki is not an issue tracker.
If a wiki cannot be an issue tracker, what is it allowed to be?
As Karl Dubost said: [1] "The Wiki is already available." 

> "DeclWebFormExpr" doesn't tell me much about what's in this topic. The 
> wiki doesn't have a 15 char limit on topic names either.
I was trying to make them short.  If you want longer names, please take 
the initiative to start documenting the issues so we can track them.  
This email fustercluck where people just debate but don't collect a list 
of issues for later efficient review has been nothing circle jerk and a 
time sink.

-Mike Schinkel -


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