Re: ensuring the existence & enhancing the power of Q

Elliott Sprehn wrote, quote:
> Instead I propose adding a "for" attribute to the <q> 
> element in the  same manner as the <label> element now such 
> that the <q> element  "for" attribute would point to a local 
> citation in the current  document using the id as the 
> reference target.

thank you elliot, for your input - i've been thinking along 
similar lines; adding a for/id association is part of my 
second proposal vis a vis the Q element, which will follow 

we should explore all elements which can point to a local 
resource which can be reused using the for/id binding, as 
it makes it easier to implement contextual slash descriptive 
slash explanatory slash expansions, both by page authors and 
to automate, using an authoring tool.

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