Re: Naming Wiki Pages

Dan Connolly wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-04-02 at 03:25 -0400, Mike Schinkel wrote:
>> Marcos Caceres wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Can people please name things properly on the Wiki... naming pages
>>> "DeclWebFormExpr04"  is unhelpful. And please stop assigning numbers
>>> to issues as it makes no sense to do so.
>>> Kind regards,
>> To the contrary; it is very helpful. I am the one doing the assignment 
>> of numbers. I followed the lead of the TAG from their issue list.[1]. 
> Issue serial numbers suggest there's some mechanism that serializes
> creation of issues. In the TAG, the charter says a majority-rule
> decision is required to create an issue; that's the source of the
> serial numbers.
> A wiki doesn't naturally serialize creation of topics. (It could
> be used that way, but it would be a stretch.) So I agree that if
> ESW wiki topics are to be used to capture issues, they should not 
> have numbers. Note that ESW wiki topics do not belong
> to this Working Group; they belong to the community at large.
> To the extent we want to share write-access to our materials with
> the world, it makes sense to use the ESW wiki, though it remains
> to be seen how this interacts with email, our primary
> communications mechanism.
> Wiki topics naturally work well for capturing conventional wisdom.
> For topics that are the subject of debate, a wiki can work, but
> it involves more discipline and training than I'm interested in.
> This group has not delegated creation of issues to any wiki process;
> I'm pretty sure it's not a good idea to let anyone in the world
> add to our issues list.
Dan, you have the final word.  Given this, I'll drop my updating of the 
wiki as without your support and a coordinated effort it won't have the 
benefits I envisioned. 
> I'm still maintaining an issues list.
> It doesn't include everything that anyone has sent mail about,
> but I suggest that this is a feature, not a bug.
That said, I was trying to create a mechanism that would make it 
possible to easily find most discussions on a given topic. Is there not 
some standard some way we can use to tie emails back to the list of 
issues so that when searching for discussions on a topic it doesn't turn 
into a year long research project?

-Mike Schinkel -

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