Re: Proposed Design Principles

Atom handles the present situation just fine in a couple of

You can html-escape the markup 
when including it e.g.
<content>&lt;p&gt; ...</content 

and the Atom stream remains valid -- but I assert that such html
is not very useful since it becomes essentially opaque to
anything processing the Atom feed.

At present, many Atom feeds on the Web are broken because of HTML
that has been dropped into the Atom feed -- this is equally true
of both RSS and Atom feeds.  The breakage is mostly at the seams
where XML and html  come  together -- so this also affects
inclusion  of HTML in SMIL 

Asbjørn Ulsberg writes:
 > On Wed, 28 Mar 2007 22:44:11 +0200, T.V Raman <> wrote:
 > > As a specific example,  we need to address what should happen
 > > when HTML content is brought into XML vocabularies like RSS and
 > > ATOM --- the present situation is extremely messy.
 > I agree that this needs to be addressed, but I'm not sure I agree that the  
 > present situation is extremely messy in the case of Atom. Atom defines  
 > pretty clearly what to do and not to do about embedded languages; both XML  
 > and non-XML based ones.
 > However, since (X)HTML isn't designed to be included in other languages,  
 > it's a bit awkward since one can't begin to describe "valid" content in  
 > such contexts, since a DTD is missing and the only content present in an  
 > <atom:content> element is what you can put inside a (X)HTML <body> element.
 > Addressing this particular issue is something we need to do, but other  
 > than that, I think Atom handles the current state of affairs just fine. If  
 > you disagree, please elaborate.
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