Re: Form fields for uploading

> This again seems very implementation specific. What format should  
> the uploaded folder be sent in? Currently HTTP doesn't really have  
> a protocol (that I know of) for sending folders. We could specify  
> that the files should be archived, but in what format?

Well, I was thinking way more simple. You select a folder, and all  
files in the folder are uploaded since the control then supports more  
than one file...

> The file name and the size would definitely be helpful, but I'm not  
> sure we should expose the path to the file on the DOM. To me it  
> feels like its outside the responsibilities of the browser because  
> the server would not normally be given this information when the  
> file was uploaded.

Oh, right. I didn't think that one through it seems. Well, file name  
and size it is then...

Received on Monday, 2 April 2007 18:09:57 UTC