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On Sun, 01 Apr 2007 01:55:14 +0200, Geoffrey Sneddon  
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> For XHTML the content of the text construct MUST be a single XHTML div  
> element, and for HTML it SHOULD be valid directly within a div element.

Just for the record; I know what the Atom specification says, I have been  
participating in the ATOMPUB WG since its inception. ;)

> As for it being valid, the conditions within the specifications imply:  
> there is more to validity than a DTD. HTML currently doesn't define  
> fragments. The fact we don't know whether we should treat HTML content  
> as the contents of a div element makes it further hard to determine  
> whether something is valid.

Thus, I conclude that the HTML specification should define framents and  
how HTML can be embedded in other formats as a content-describing markup  
language. Seeing as it's already used that way, there's clearly a strong  
use-case for it that I believe this WG should cater to.

> Alas, I hope this all makes sense, it's almost 1am and I'm drop dead  
> tired.

It's 03:25 here and way over bed time, but this is unfortunately the only  
spare time I have to use on this mailing list. :-|

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