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[Bug 6637] New: Put boolean and enumerated attributes next to each other (Saturday, 28 February)

[Bug 6630] New: Optionalness of start tags when element is empty (Friday, 27 February)

[Bug 6628] New: WebSocket.URL and EventSource.URL should return the absolute URL (Friday, 27 February)

[Bug 6618] New: </body> and </html> early on handled in a Gecko/WebKit/Presto-inconsisten way (Tuesday, 24 February)

[Bug 6614] New: Restricting multiple character encoding declarations per document (Monday, 23 February)

[Bug 6462] Self-reference and cyclic references in headers='' (Monday, 23 February)

[Bug 6438] Error in step 9.4 of the internal algorithm for scanning and assigning header cells (Monday, 23 February)

[Bug 6336] XSLT-compat doctype only allowed for use by XSLT (Monday, 23 February)

[Bug 6613] New: Allow <meta charset="UTF-8"/> in XHTML (Monday, 23 February)

[Bug 5744] Improved Fragment Identifiers (Sunday, 22 February)

[Bug 6610] New: add a preventable forced-fragment method (Sunday, 22 February)

[Bug 6609] New: negative keywords-not meta tags (Sunday, 22 February)

[Bug 6608] New: please undeprecate <center> for older browsers (Sunday, 22 February)

[Bug 6607] New: wrapping text to limit line length without a table (Sunday, 22 February)

[Bug 6606] New: generic 3rd-party <mark>, Smart Tags, and Activities prevention (Sunday, 22 February)

[Bug 6590] New: character encoding mapping needs to be used for form submission too (Tuesday, 17 February)

[Bug 6586] New: Zero margin quirk not quite right (Monday, 16 February)

[Bug 6585] New: Rendering: <marquee bgcolor> (Monday, 16 February)

[Bug 6462] Self-reference and cyclic references in headers='' (Thursday, 12 February)

[Bug 5822] The headers attribute should be able to reference a td (Thursday, 12 February)

[Bug 6563] New: Specify if innerHTML setting should use the quirkiness of the document (Thursday, 12 February)

[Bug 6562] New: Define parsing quirks (Thursday, 12 February)

[Bug 6556] New: When parsing legacy color returns an error (Wednesday, 11 February)

[Bug 6546] New: List event handler attributes for certain elements (Monday, 9 February)

[Bug 6544] New: Allow width=0 on <img> and <iframe> (Monday, 9 February)

[Bug 6543] New: Mint a new element for figure captions (Monday, 9 February)

[Bug 6536] New: Time element examples should be in the context of a goal-oriented microformat use case (Friday, 6 February)

[Bug 6529] New: value DOM attribute for input element in File Upload state (Wednesday, 4 February)

[Bug 6516] New: obsolete attributes on HTMLDocument assume there is a body element (Monday, 2 February)

[Bug 6515] New: the body element event handler attributes and missing Window object (Monday, 2 February)

[Bug 6476] cross-origin media element loads and progress events (Monday, 2 February)

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