[Bug 6609] negative keywords-not meta tags


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A couple more aspects:

Antonyms are usually a waste of time in this area, so the keywords-not
attribute need not be invoked just to provide an antonymy. Rather, this is for
cases where the same word serves very different meanings, such as _virus_,
including opposite meanings by the same word, such as _sanction_. Thus, writing
keywords-not would be infrequent, although the sheer scale of the Web and of
HTML usage means the attribute would be still used enough to warrant
recognition in a standard and adaptation by search engines.

Search engines give more weight to thematic words written directly into page
content. However, some thematic words may be difficult for authors to work into
text without going to some length to explain important complications, and that
might make the whole page too cumbersome, losing readers. If the main text is
to be short, leaving those secondary keywords out may be smarter writing of
content. This is often true when stating principles, which may be more easily
understood if stated in just a few words, leaving redundant particulars out.
But searchers may still use various common particulars to find this principle
via search engines. To support search, the keywords that represent the
particulars and are not in the visible text should be put into meta tags. Some
would go into meta elements with the keywords attribute. But, for some of them,
keywords-not may be the more relevant attribute. And that would keep the
positive keywords metatag from getting enormously long.


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