Regrets so far: Nick
Start Time: 10:45am Eastern US (15:45Z, except 14:45Z during US DST)
Duration: 90 minutes

Previous minutes:
IRC supplement:

Minute takers rotation list, when not done by Leigh:
Steven, Erik, Nick, MarkB/Paul, Ulrich/Sebastian, Charlie

Kenneth/MarkS?, Raman?, Susan?, Rafael/Rogelio? 

* = be ready to discuss
+ = discuss time permitting

Reports, Etc.
Upcoming telecons

* AC Meeting

* Next FtF

The Forms Newsletter/News items

XForms 1.1
Implementation report progress

XForms Basic 1.0, 1.1

* Rich Web Application Backplane

Action Items
Action Item List:

Administrative Issues
HTML Validator updates for XForms and "XForms for HTML"
- Discussed on Nov. 26, 2008

Forms Task Force
- Thoughts:
- Architecture alignment strawman:

Fix our shortname issue

W3C Spec matrix
- Discussed on Nov. 26, 2008


* Issue Classification
- Submission as multipart/form-data
- Filename and mediatype under submission as multipart/form-data

- repeat and relevance/enabled/disabled

- Clashes of XHTML2 and XForms
  esp. target on submission
* XForms 1.1 Completion
* Issues
- - - -
- When to use resource attribute
- Latest implementation testing status (needs update)

* Test suite changes
- - - - - - - - - - 
- Link error removal caused version-exception section to move

- Is the zip file updated?
Modifications from Erik's action item?
Advancing XForms for HTML
- Assertions
- Examples
- Test Suite

- Rationalization of XForms for HTML, RDFa, and ARIA
+ XForms 1.2 Features
- Context everywhere, context on bind
- Data driven switch
- case()
- Better expression of default trigger
- submissions that put and get binary resources
- setting submission method default to "get"
- Ability to suppress RRRR on submission completion
- Lazy authoring improvement: empty instance exists even if no refs

Review Possibilities
JSON submissions?
submission to a "new" window?
mediatype="text/html" on textarea for rich text content?
XML Events 2?
Model improvements (optional, nested, external/src, exceptions)?
UI event notification improvements?
See older issues below?

Analyzing Modularization for AJAX Programmers

Modularization of XForms based on markup seemed at one point a necessary 
step of decoupling modules against which APIs could be written. 
However, the working group now wants to approach the problem by starting 
with the needed APIs and letting the modularization requirements follow.

XForms 2.0

Refactor dependencies to detect automatic rebuild conditions and reduce 
circular dependencies

Review possibilities

Older issues
Currency data values, etc.

Validity notification on initial or hidden data
- Isn't it about time we add an xforms-control-initialize event?
- Seems we need it for modularization to work right
- Defer to face to face meeting

The xforms-link-exception
Discussed Aug. 20, 2008. Need to dispatch xforms-link-error to 
instance rather than link-exception to model. For legacy, if the
link-error bubbles up to model, it could throw link-exception, but
then the author can prevent the exception by cancelling the error
Note: xforms-link-error is not currently cancellable

xforms-submit-done response-body and host language submission result 
Discussed 21 May 2008; perhaps only for replace="none"
Concern was about efficiency.  Could add "want-response-body" default 
false in
xforms-submit, then if turned true the response-body would be non-empty in 
xforms-submit-done.  Host language could then push response-body content 
a new window.

xforms-submit-serialize receives empty submission-body value
Discussed 03 Dec 2008; decided to allow future version feature that
helps control whether submission body is empty on start
Context info of xforms-submit could provide a writable flag


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