Elements considered under "11.9.7 Serialization as multipart/form-data"


The sentence "Element nodes of any datatype populated by upload" is
not very clear to me. I can see two meanings:

1. That nodes of certain types (e.g. xs:anyURI, xs:base64Binary) that
    are supported by xforms:upload are considered. But in fact, those
    nodes may or may not have been populated by xforms:upload.

2. Or that the nodes in question must have actually been populated by
    an xforms:control?

This makes a difference. Say you have something like:

       <file1 xsi:type="xs:anyURI"/>
       <file2 xsi:type="xs:anyURI"/>

   <xforms:upload ref="file1"/>

   <xforms:setvalue ref="file2" value="../file1"/>

Now assume the setvalue occurs after the user has selected a file and
the XForms processor has stored a URI for the file into <file1>. After
the action runs, element <file2> then contains the same URI as the
node <file1>.

If the instance is then submitted as multipart/form-data, if the value
within <file2> going to be serialized as a separate part? The answer
is yes if #1 above is the correct interpretation, but no if #2 is the
correct one.


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Received on Saturday, 7 March 2009 03:30:23 UTC