Proposed clarification of what constitutes the provision of inline content of the xforms instance

Hi all,

I would like to propose to clarify XForms 1.1 Recommendation to say that 
the inline content of the xforms instance element is considered to be 
provided (in the context of section 3.3.2) if instance element has an 
'elemental' content i.e. has an element child.
Otherwise such benign markup as:

<xforms:instance resource="" >


<xforms:instance resource="" ><!-- you data 
goes here --></xforms:instance>

will cause arguably unnecessary fatal processing error (
xforms-link-exception) because the provided [non-empty?!] inline content 
takes precedence over the resource attribute.

Vlad Trakhtenberg.

Received on Monday, 9 March 2009 19:16:23 UTC