Re: [dxwg] Change domain or create superclass of dcat:Distribution

1. @kcoyle note the proposed subclass and subproperty relations above. The term 'Representation' is taken from Fielding, where it is used in relation to all resource types. I understand that 'Distribution' is essentially just a special word for a 'Dataset-representation'. The proposed model above says: if the resource is a `Dataset`, then its representation is a `Distribution` and the link between them is `dcat:distribution`. If the resource is an individual from some other sub-class of `Resource` then its representation is `Representation` or a sub-class, and the link between them is `dcat:hasRepresentation` or a sub-property. I tried to make it consistent with both Fielding and the DCAT-2014 legacy. 

2. Concerning potential properties of `dcat:Representation`: first we should consider if any of the properties of `dcat:Distribution` should be promoted to a superclass. We might also look for overlaps with the properties of `dcat:Resource`, but I'm disinclined to start looking for a higher superclass, unless you can think of a useful scenario where this is needed to support some reasoning (i.e. what's the use case?). `owl:Thing` will do for me (which is entailed by these all being instances of `owl:Class` anyway). 

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Received on Sunday, 2 September 2018 12:13:28 UTC