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Hi Karen,

Yes, just a result of the GitHub labels’ incompleteness. I suppose that those marked plenary-complete at the time of Google Doc —> GitHub are the only ones marked with that label now if they haven’t been updated. Having that label should, I think, can be the criteria to be add to the doc - nice and traceable.

Looks like there are 14 in those two places. If you mark the shortfall in the GitHub Issues, I’ll add to the doc.

Perhaps we could start removing labelling artefacts from the Issue titles to tidy them up in both GitHub and the doc? I removed the redundant “Requirement: “ (they are all tagged “requirement”) already due to a request from the CNEG meeting so now perhaps we can remove the other identifiers like [ID46] (5.46) too? We can put those IDs in the Issue body. Should I go and do that? Also “Use Case: “ which is used inconsistently and all actual Use Cases are tagged as such too.

I’ve not put any effort into ordering the Reqs in the doc but will soon, in line with the ordering in [2] on next commit.



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On 2 Sep 2018, at 6:57 am, Karen Coyle <<>> wrote:

Hi, Nick. You included 9 requirements - there are more than that both
here[1] and here[2]. Was there a reason to not include the others? Or is
this a result of the github labels not being complete?




On 8/31/18 5:31 PM, Nicholas Car via GitHub wrote:
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== Profile guidance doc ==
correction of GitHub issue URIs;
removal of ProfileDesc references;
addition of all 9 approved Requirements;
tidy of HTML


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