Re: [dxwg] Change domain or create superclass of dcat:Distribution

@dr-shorthair I tried to find some more information on UML-OWL - folks have written about it but naturally (:-() the best stuff is behind a paywall. I think that one could offer the UML to readers as a conceptual model. It could also be input to a SHACL or ShEx representation that implements the required constraints.

My concern is that while an OO approach may require an abstract class (Representation) that is not the case in RDF/OWL. So there's a problem of reconciling the UML with RDF/OWL, and it may not be useful to carry over the abstract class from UML to OWL. As Makx said, you cannot enforce that a class is abstract in RDF. You could do so in SHACL or ShEx, but in OWL the class serves no functional purpose that I can see. Somewhere above (here or another thread?) I believe Nick offered that it's fine that Distribution default to being a subclass of owl:Thing. I agree with that. 

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