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On 5/25/18 8:06 AM, Karen Coyle wrote:
> At F2F3 I asked for documentation on the profileDesc ontology. As an
> example of how ontologies are documented at W3C, it could be useful to
> look at the SKOS recommendation.[1] If we are to present profileDesc
> either as the Guidance deliverable or as a non-recommendation note
> (which appears to require a community group in which to place it) then
> it will need to be documented using the style seen in the SKOS
> recommendation.
> If we decide to provide profileDesc as our response to the Guidance
> deliverable, the non-normative Introduction area could contain the
> outline from Lars' issue[1] modified a bit. If profileDesc is to be
> presented as a separate work item, then it becomes a smaller section
> within that outline. I have done a github issue[2] illustrating these
> two options, based on Lars' initial issue. It would be good to discuss
> pros and cons there.
> kc
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