Re: [dxwg] Provenance information [RPIF]

Regarding the first of the three items in the description of this requirement:  
**[Provide a way to link to] the input data used to create a dataset to the dataset**:

## Proposal
Assuming an established `prov:Entity`/`dcat:Dataset` close relationship, Use one of the three patterns related in the RDA's Pattern [Associating metadata in documents with graph provenance](  

**Pattern 1**: *store provenance in a different document/service to the Dataset metadata and link with either `prov:has_provenance` or `prov:has_query_service` relations*

This is appropriate when potentially detailed provenance information cannot be well catered for within the standard DCAT document. This will be the case in purpose-built systems that cater for DCAT but not all the possibilities of PROV, even for Dataset/Dataset (Entity/Entity) relations.

Example: Dataset X was derived from Dataset Y and Dataset Z:

Within the DCAT document:

`:Dataset_X prov:has_provenance :Bundle_N`  <-- here the DCAT record for `Dataset_X` points to a document defined as a `prov:Bundle` within qhich `Dataset_X` is referenced and any amounts of PROV provenance relationships given.

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