Re: [dxwg] Provenance information [RPIF]

Regarding the second of the three items in the description of this requirement:
**[Provide a way to link to] the software used to produce the dataset to the dataset**:

## Proposal
Interpret software as a specialised form of `prov:Entity`, a `prov:Plan` and then apply all of the Entity/Entity mapping patterns described above.


Dateset X was derived from Dataset Y and the derivation was made using Software Z

As long the specific instance of software that was used can be recorded (i.e. not the URI of the GitHub repo but of the specific commit that was used) then the above can simply be recorded as:

`:Dataset_X prov:wasDerivedFrom :Dataset_Y , :Software_Z` 
where the derivation from Software Z is understood to be a derivation by instruction due to `:Software_Z` being a `prov:Plan`. If this requires more spelling out:

    prov:wasDerivedFrom :Dataset_Y ;
    prov:qualifiedDerivation [
        prov:entity :Software_Z ; # still subclassed from Entity as Plan!
        prov:hadRole :some_special_role_for_software ;
    ] ;

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