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At the DCMI meeting this morning some members of the group who are 
familiar with the W3C process were nonnplussed to find that the comments 
list for SHACL comments does not follow the naming standards for W3C 
comments lists, which apparently usually have "-comments" in their 
title. They also were not happy that the original Shapes discussion list 
is being re-purposed, especially since the page for that list reads:

"The mailing list is intended for follow-up 
from the RDF Validation Workshop; charter-bashing, idea-sharing, geeking 
about interface publication and validation.
The workshop topics and report may provide additional useful context."

The suggestion was that the header be changed to indicate that this is 
the list for official comments, so that users know that comments made 
here will be part of the W3C standards process.

They also noted that the list has an archive of posts unrelated to 
SHACL, from the original purpose of the list. It may be good to put a 
date on the list documentation saying at what point it became a list for 
comments on SHACL.

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