Re: Suggestions for test cases framework

FYI I have added 17 test cases covering various SHACL features, grouped 
into Core and SPARQL:

For the Java engine that I am working on, I have implemented a test 
framework for the provided format, and didn't encounter any issues so far.


On 5/22/2015 10:04, Holger Knublauch wrote:
> Thanks to Jose and Dimitris to get the test suite started. A few 
> suggestions
> - sht:schema is probably not the best name - what about 
> sht:shapesGraph (and sht:dataGraph)?
> - sht:schema-format and shr:data-format should be optional - can be 
> derived from file suffix
> - If SHACL is expressed in itself then many sht:WellFormedSchema test 
> cases can be handled with sht:Validate
> - ms:result cannot only be true or false. Some tests produce multiple 
> constraint violations, the violations may be warnings only, and we 
> need to be able to verify the error details. While true may be 
> sufficient for some tests and implementations, we will need the 
> ability to point at a graph with results, or (even better) allow the 
> expected results to be stated inline, e.g.
> mf:result [
>     a sh:Error ;
>     sh:subject ex:JohnDoe ;
> ] ... (multiple values allowed)
> In those tests, sh:message should usually be optional.
> Thanks
> Holger

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