Re: Suggestions for test cases framework

When I worked on major software projects for the University of 
California, we had a rule that programmers did not create their own test 
cases -- because there is a normal human tendency to produce cases that 
prove that your software does what it does, rather than what it is 
supposed to do. Instead, test cases were taken from data providers.

To that end, I will offer actual data as test data, with some 
modifications to create error conditions. I have three sources so far, 
but need to complete the notation. Because they are longer than 
artificial test cases, I will probably have one case per file, but each 
will test multiple requirements.

I'll work with Jose to make them usable in his test suite.


On 5/25/15 7:52 PM, Holger Knublauch wrote:
> FYI I have added 17 test cases covering various SHACL features, grouped
> into Core and SPARQL:
> For the Java engine that I am working on, I have implemented a test
> framework for the provided format, and didn't encounter any issues so far.
> Thanks
> Holger
> On 5/22/2015 10:04, Holger Knublauch wrote:
>> Thanks to Jose and Dimitris to get the test suite started. A few
>> suggestions
>> - sht:schema is probably not the best name - what about
>> sht:shapesGraph (and sht:dataGraph)?
>> - sht:schema-format and shr:data-format should be optional - can be
>> derived from file suffix
>> - If SHACL is expressed in itself then many sht:WellFormedSchema test
>> cases can be handled with sht:Validate
>> - ms:result cannot only be true or false. Some tests produce multiple
>> constraint violations, the violations may be warnings only, and we
>> need to be able to verify the error details. While true may be
>> sufficient for some tests and implementations, we will need the
>> ability to point at a graph with results, or (even better) allow the
>> expected results to be stated inline, e.g.
>> mf:result [
>>     a sh:Error ;
>>     sh:subject ex:JohnDoe ;
>> ] ... (multiple values allowed)
>> In those tests, sh:message should usually be optional.
>> Thanks
>> Holger

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