Suggestions for test cases framework

Thanks to Jose and Dimitris to get the test suite started. A few suggestions

- sht:schema is probably not the best name - what about sht:shapesGraph 
(and sht:dataGraph)?
- sht:schema-format and shr:data-format should be optional - can be 
derived from file suffix
- If SHACL is expressed in itself then many sht:WellFormedSchema test 
cases can be handled with sht:Validate
- ms:result cannot only be true or false. Some tests produce multiple 
constraint violations, the violations may be warnings only, and we need 
to be able to verify the error details. While true may be sufficient for 
some tests and implementations, we will need the ability to point at a 
graph with results, or (even better) allow the expected results to be 
stated inline, e.g.

mf:result [
     a sh:Error ;
     sh:subject ex:JohnDoe ;
] ... (multiple values allowed)

In those tests, sh:message should usually be optional.


Received on Friday, 22 May 2015 00:06:56 UTC