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[RC6] absolute-replaced-height-007, 014, 021, 028 and 035 require improvements, corrections

[RC6] absolute-replaced-height-022 : feedback welcomed

[RC6] absolute-replaced-height-029 is not testing the test assert

[RC6] absolute-replaced-width-001 and 008 are identical

[RC6] absolute-replaced-width-003 and 004

[RC6] absolute-replaced-width-004 and 011 identical

[RC6] abspos-010 test: 5 new margin-collapse-012 tests

[RC6] abspos-011 and 012: some modifications

[RC6] abspos-width-004 : slight modifications

[RC6] block-formatting-contexts-010 and 012: now with modifications

[RC6] block-non-replaced-height-[001-004]

[RC6] block-non-replaced-height-[002, 004, 006, 008, 010, 012, 014, 016] all seem wrong

[RC6] block-non-replaced-height-[005-008]

[RC6] block-non-replaced-height-[009-014]

[RC6] block-non-replaced-height-[015, 016]

[RC6] position-relative-035 : some modifications

[RC6] position-relative-nested-001, position-static-001, positioning-float-001 and 002

Armenian 7000 and above.

border-001-018: updates and conversions

Creating reftests for your dynamic-top-change-* tests; your first-letter-quote-00* tests and reftests

CSS Testing Events 2012: Beijing and Paris

Dimensions of "standard letter sized sheet of paper"

Reftest Maximum Viewport Size

Test suite assumption on font-size: monospace font and for print

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